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Maple Cheese Board
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Maple Cheese Board

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Temporally out of stock, check back shortly for new product design.
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Temporally out of stock, check back shortly for new product design. 

Our personalized cutting blocks and cheese boards are custom engraved keepsakes. A custom block/board is a Great gift for a housewarming, birthday, anniversary, wedding or any special occasion. 

The blocks and boards are handmade to your order in our shop using select woods & FDA approved food grade glues and oils. Each piece of wood will vary in color and grain, even in the same board. This makes each board a one of a kind creation. 

Each design is burned into the wood by the engraving machine, no ink is involved. The coloring of the engraving depends on the type of wood and the grain in the board. This will give you some color variance in the design.

The board is designed to use the engraved front for display and the back for cutting. 

We designed our boards around the idea that a wood cutting board has two sides, one side can be used as a decoration in the kitchen, while the other (blank) side can be used as a traditional cutting board. This way, both sides are functional in their own way.

Wood Species - Hard Maple
Approx. Size - 16" x 12"
Approx. Thickness - 1 1/2"

Wood Species - Hard Maple
Approx. Size - 9" x 6"
Approx. Thickness - 3/4"

Because this is a natural wood product there will be color variations that will be different from what is shown. Each piece of wood is unique, and will be different from any other board we create.

We Laser Engrave each board. Each piece and type of wood burns differently. Depending on hardness and age of the wood, the wood can burn differently with varying depths and color of burn.

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